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If you have a tooth that can no longer be repaired with a filling it may be necessary to put a crown on the tooth. Via its hoop effect, the crown can protect the tooth against cracking and therefore you do not risk losing the tooth.

As a main rule, the recommendation is that teeth on which root canal work has been performed should be provided with a crown after 6 to 12 months after completion of the work as they will have become more brittle than teeth that have not been treated in this way.

Another reason for having a crown made is of a cosmetic nature. In the case of a discoloured or deformed tooth, a crown may be the only way to get a neat and durable result.

At this clinic, we manufacture crowns made of porcelain, a combination of ceramic and metal core or gold according to your wishes. We will, of course, give you a professional evaluation of the kind of crown that is the most recommendable for the specific tooth.

Briefly stated, the procedure as such for making a crown consists in designing the respective tooth and having an imprint made of the tooth. After that, our technician will make a crown on the basis of the imprint. Most often it takes approximately a week to make a crown. During the week from your tooth is designed until the permanent crown is cemented your tooth will be provided with a temporary plastic crown.

We use a local technician to make our crowns so that we are certain that only the best materials and cosmetics are used and that the time with the temporary crown is reduced to a minimum.