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Root canal work

There may be several reasons for performing root canal work on a tooth, but most often it is a result of decay (caries) of a tooth extending all the way down to the nerve of the tooth so that bacteria can enter and cause infection in the nerve. 

Also, pain from cracked teeth can in certain cases be eliminated by performing root canal work. 

Other reasons why it may have been necessary to perform root canal work on a tooth are that the nerve of the tooth has at some point in time been affected by a deep filling, a blow (trauma) and in rare cases the placing of a crown. In these cases, the nerve of the tooth gradually dies after which bacteria can invade the dead tissue.

The root canal work as such will consist in cleaning the root canals of the tooth in question during one or several treatments depending on the extent of the infection.

It is essential to us that as our patient you receive pain relief during treatment.